MONDAY: 6:45-8 p.m. @ Abhaya Yoga Gowanus  Open Level vinyasa followed by meditation


I will be coteaching the 100 hour Abhaya Yoga Immersion this spring, follow the link below!




 Single: $135

5 Sessions: $540 (5 X 108) 

10 Sessions: $1,000

please contact me about small group rates. 



I teach yoga as a ritual in which we retrieve and revive parts of ourselves that may have gone missing or have splintered off from our awareness due to the hustle of life. Through this work, we unbind both physical and emotional knots, and reestablish a sense of basic goodness. 
I have been drawn to teachers who approach yoga non-dogmatically. In turn I am dedicated to offering yoga as a discipline that is inclusive, and adaptable for each individual discovering their unique path to freedom. My classes are bio-mechanically sound, intelligently sequenced, deeply nuanced, and probe the depths of the relationship between the human body and psyche. I believe that yoga teachers must help students to establish both safety in their body/mind as well as to offer an open door to unforseen, uncharted territories - this is what allows for growth, transformation and change.

My teaching offers a space for deep self-study based in yogic philosophy/dharma as well as a daring exploration of both the inner and outer bodies. I aim to honor the rhythms of life, of nature, and each person in being more of who they are with unconditional acceptance & love. 
I have been teaching since 2005, on the east and west coasts, and have been trained in several systems. I have taught in yoga schools, studios, jails, public schools, detention centers, settlement houses and in hospitals. I have also taught in many teacher trainings, and love working with new teachers in deepening their relationship to yoga. 

I offer the following fully developed curriculums for teacher trainings:

  • Intensive study of the Yoga Sutras

  • Intensive study of the Bhagavad Gita

  • History of Yoga

  • Tantric Cosmology/Non-Dual Philosophy

  • Ayurveda and the mind

  • Yoga’s concept of the mind/ “yogic psychology”

  • Subtle body anatomy

  • vinyasa krama / intelligent sequencing

  • current paradigms in mental health/neuropsychology/yoga

    My formal and informal training includes studies with the following individuals:
    • Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn @ Laughing Lotus
    • Leslie Kaminoff @ The Breathing Project
    • Sat Jivan Kaur and Sat Jivan Singh @ Kundalini Yoga East
    • Jeffrey Migdow @ Prana Yoga Teacher Training



“As a yoga teacher Joy is a nourishing badass.” - Dr. Mike Lin

"Joy is a yoga instructor, but really a magician in disguise.  Her heart-opening practice and teaching literally breathes life into my own practice. She pours forth wisdom, poetry, and heart into an articulate stream of words.  Each word she speaks offers space for her students to inhabit each yoga asana, each silence between words, holding sacredness and breath.  She can say only a couple of words, and your entire pose will align itself.  Her teaching truly unites both knowledge of the body and wisdom of the heart."    - Miriam V.


"Joy will take you on a magical ride in her vinyasa yoga class. She will mesmerize you to the very origin of your being. Her message will stick with you and infuse everything you do." - Mimi M.


“Joy is as she is named. She is truly a master in her own right.  Her classes are inspired; brimming with the love she has for yoga and life itself.  I feel illuminated just being in her presence, not to mention during her mindful, joyous, and inevitably challenging classes.  She guides the classroom with grace, skill, and the wisdom and power of a great teacher.” – Alex C.