All people deserve to live a life that is fulfilling, empowered, and free. Often, due to the trauma of daily living and greater challenges we are cut-off from our own source of wisdom and feel stymied and stuck. In a day and age that values product over process, mind over body, and quick-fix techniques more than in-depth healing, we leave a lot of our pain unexamined - and a lot of our story unexplored. My approach to psychotherapy is appropriate for anyone and everyone seeking better to understand themselves, transform their choices, and create life-shifts no matter how big or small. Trained as a drama therapist, psychodynamic psychotherapist, and seasoned yoga and meditation teacher, my approach is a true integration of these influences. Therapy sessions with me are dynamic, creative, and flexible and are determined by your needs on any given day. Some of our sessions may be more active or embodied and some may be comprised of simply talking depending on what is called for. You do not have to be an artist or think of yourself as creative to benefit from this type of psychotherapy. I have worked with persons of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. It is my job to attune to you and to key into both your seen and unseen obstacles, desires, hopes, dreams, and fears and to help honor and transform them for your benefit. I am passionate about working with people who seek deep, transformative change and are willing to explore themselves depthfully.  

You may benefit from working with me if you are struggling with any of the following challenges/concerns:

• You are in crisis, and feel unsure how to navigate the challenges you face.

• You feel stuck and want to feel free, active, and empowered in your life.

• You are experiencing depression and/or anxiety, and seek new tools or coping skills.

• You feel disconnected from, or seek to have a better relationship with your body. 

• You have deep-seated core wounds or struggle with your sense of identity, and want to live life on your own terms. 

• You struggle with PTSD or CPTSD and want to heal and undo trauma.

• You want support and guidance in exploring your creativity, or want to create a live performance.  

• You are experiencing spiritual crisis, and seek guidance around developing your spirituality, and integrating it in your daily life. 

• You are at a crossroads, and want to devise rituals to help you navigate your new road.

• You want better to understand, accept, and love yourself. 

Therapy sessions are located at 43 9th st between Smith and 2nd Avenue at Abhaya Yoga in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Therapy is a collaboration between the therapist and client. When we meet, we will figure out the best way to navigate the healing path you want to take. It is my honor to serve you. 


I have experienced and believe that all people have the capacity to transform, grow, and heal regardless of perceived limitations and obstacles.  As a therapist, I will journey with you to the places in your story that are hardest to traverse without radical companionship and guidance. I utilize both verbal and non-verbal interventions in order to unearth the stories that have been buried deep within, honoring the body’s wisdom, and calling on the transformative power of the creative spirit.  As a trauma survivor, I utilize a trauma-informed approach so that you may heal at your own pace, considering your emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  Together, we will care for the parts of you that need understanding and acceptance, and celebrate every step you take in coming home to your truest self.

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Drama Therapy is an embodied, action-oriented approach to psychotherapy. Whereas traditional therapy is frequently limited to spoken language, drama therapy activates the body, imagination, and unconscious mind, offering an approach that engages the whole person in the therapeutic process. The safe space of the therapy room becomes a sacred place in which the client calls upon their creativity to transform and re-imagine how they are living through role, story, image, and metaphor. The techniques employed come from a collaboration between the therapist and the needs of the client.  Some of the techniques utilized in a drama psychotherapy session include: "regular" talking, storytelling, ritual, embodied meditation, mythology, role-play, performance, music, movement, and  writing.



Joy Radish holds a master’s degree in drama therapy from NYU and currently works as a psychotherapist on an adult inpatient psychiatric unit in Brooklyn. As a life-long performer, radical theatre artist, and experienced yoga educator, Joy brings a variety of tools to her work, all of which are firmly rooted in the clinical practice of psychotherapy.  Joy has worked in hospitals, detention centers, jails, schools, settlement houses, and yoga studios. She believes that the steadfast, caring and trusting bond created by therapist and client forms the unmistakable foundation upon which all healing occurs. Joy specializes in the integration of yogic studies as directly applied to drama therapy, and in generating self-scripted original therapeutic theatre performance. 

Joy Radish creates the environment for deep and impactful self exploration. Joy’s presence is non-assuming, caring, wise, and completely genuine.
— Aaron A.
Joy has been my yoga teacher since 2013. She remains one of the biggest influences in my life.
Through her gentle and graceful practice and teachings, Joy has helped me incorporate much kindness in my daily practice. Joy carries a profound wisdom that is genuine, authentic, and extremely therapeutic.
She is one of the most attentive and creative beings I have ever met, a wonderful listener, and a mischievious spirit.
— Yael A.

My hourly rate is as follows:• Low income/low assests persons who make $55,000 or less : $80.00 • Middle Income folks, earning between $55,000 - 100,000 : $110 - $150 For those making over $100,000 : $200.